Site Rules

Thornthwaite Campsite Site Rules

Thornthwaite is run and managed by a team of volunteers. Our aim is to ensure that your visit is as enjoyable as possible. Please see our FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions or get in touch with our booking secretary. If you have any queries during your stay please contact the duty warden. To help you, and our other visitors, get the most from your visit; and to ensure that the site remains available for future generations to use, please familiarise yourself with the site rules. All site users are expected to abide by these rules.

  • It is the responsibility of all site users to keep the sit clean and tidy. We reserve the right to charge groups who fail to leave the site in a reasonable condition or cause damage to the site
  • Any accidents, damage or breakages should be reported to the duty warden.
  • For the safety of our visitors please observe the site speed limits (5mph) on the approach road and drive. Vehicles are not permitted on the camping areas or activity field.
  • With the exception of assistance dogs, no dogs are allowed on site.
  • The digging of fire and wet pits is not permitted. Use the Alter fires provided.
  • Rubbish can be disposed of in the trade waste bin, which is kept in the wooden compound at the entrance to the site (see site plan). Please ensure all rubbish is place in black sacks before being placed in the bin.
  • Wood for fires can be found on the wood pile in the car park. Return any unused to the wood pile and ensure that the fire bases are brushed down at the end of your visit.
  • Please do not cut down trees or remove live branches. Only remove loose birch Bark, avoid using tools.
  • Bivvy shelters can be built with fallen branches but must be dismantled and wood returned to the wood pile prior to departure.
  • Noise should be kept to a minimum between 22:30 and 7:00.
  • The barn adjacent to the activity field primarily acts as a storm shelter. It can be used for activities but please show consideration to other users of the site.
  • The user of camper vans or caravans is not permitted.
  • We reserve the right to send away from the site any person who, in the warden’s judgement, is found to be unmanageable or a danger to the safety or enjoyment of others. In this event no refund will be given. Any additional cost and responsibility involved in removing that person will not be borne by Thornthwaite or any of its representatives. 

Thank you for your assistance in helping to keep Thornthwaite a safe and enjoyable place to visit.